Things i'm currently working on...

january 2024

Paper garland and new ideas

i recently made some ornaments and fortune cookies with old discarded cyanotype prints and scraps, you can see it on my instagram.
i'd like to make a serie of paper mobiles with feathers and pearls, it would be easier to send by mail and less experimental than my glass mobiles.

Paper garland Paper garland Paper garland Paper garland

For now, i'm working on fixing two broken mirrors for my studio, and of course i'm adding some cyanotype prints. I'm filming every step and i'll make a video about the process !
My artistic goals for 2024 are :

  • to make more issues of Tangled ;
  • to practice film photography and cyanotype on glass - printing 120 film photos on glass would be nice ;
  • to pursue my work on Toute la nuit dans les veines ;
  • to publish more cool zine, more divinatory objects (like my paper fortune teller) and try web-to-print publications !
i know i won't do everything perfectly but that's ok !

April 2023

Cameraless photo zine

i'm still exploring some possibilities of making photographs without camera, and i decided to make zines along the way.
The first one is about earth - the 3 others will be air, water and fire - and is made with a scanner and animal remains.
First zine is called "Poussière" wich means "Dust" i made a video about it, go watch it!

Dust zine Dust zine Dust zine Dust zine
sometimes in 2022


A one-of-a-kind (for now) zine with photograph of fake books on graves. i'ts just a bunch of photographs printed both sides on basic A4 papers, piled up and binded with an elastic so that each page creates a new fake book (kind of).
It would be a bit expensive to print many copies to sell but i'll get there someday!

Souvenir Souvenir Souvenir Souvenir Souvenir Souvenir