Things i'm currently working on...

April 2023

Cameraless photo zine

i'm still exploring some possibilities of making photographs without camera, and i decided to make zines along the way.
The first one is about earth - the 3 others will be air, water and fire - and is made with a scanner and animal remains.
i made a video about it, go watch it!

Poussière Poussière Poussière Poussière
sometimes in 2022


A one-of-a-kind (for now) zine with photograph of fake books on graves. i'ts just a bunch of photographs printed both sides on basic A4 papers, piled up and binded with an elastic so that each page creates a new fake book (kind of).
It would be a bit expensive to print many copies to sell but i'll get there someday!

Souvenir Souvenir Souvenir Souvenir Souvenir Souvenir